Thursday, November 4, 2010

Final Pitch...or is it?


For my final I would like to expand upon my text project. I would use the text to create a small world, which will grow and then be influenced by the construct character from my earlier projects. The construct character will again be replacing buildings, and nature this time, with things one might consider detrimental to the environment (whether urban or natural). This would still be done with white/gray text on a black background.


It opens up in a garden, created entirely in text and animated. The garden will be growing, perhaps starting out as blank space and expanding to create a full garden. It will then move across the garden until it comes to the river. From here the river will become the waterfall and the water will fall into a Shishi Odoshi. From the Shishi Odoshi, the water will fall into the cement mixer, and create cement. The cement will then be poured into blocks.

The blocks will be taken and used to build a city/town, which will grow as more blocks are added. Once the town is together, the cement mixer will pour one more time, but this time the cement block will be taken and put on top of the construct character, constructed of text.

The construct will move to the garden, and build a dam across the river, blocking the river and causing the river to flood. As the area floods, the garden is wiped away/dissolves. It will then move about the town, deconstructing buildings and replacing them with box buildings built up of the lettering of whatever box store it is building (probably CVS due to previous ideas, as well as the lettering). It will end with the construct spraying out the letters CVS, again flooding the whole screen.

P.S. The whole thing will be set to music


1. The Garden
a. The garden grows
b. Move across garden until river
c. Follow river to Shishi Odoshi, then to cement mixer
d. Pour blocks
2. The city
a. Blocks are taken to a city under construction
b. Blocks are placed on top of buildings, city grows
c. Continue a couple times til city complete
d. Cement mixer pours one more block
e. Block placed on top of construct character
f. Construct character comes to life
3. Construct character
a. Goes to garden and builds dam
b. Garden floods and is wiped away
c. Goes to city and begins to replace buildings with box stores
d. Starts spraying streams of letters (box store letters) flooding the screen

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