Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Playing


Joyful Image:

Thinking back to the first joyful image I can remember would have to be meeting the person who is still the one I consider my best friend today. I had just moved into a new house, I was 6, and the people who lived behind us were having a birthday party with a moonwalk. They invited me over and I hopped the fence and played on the moonwalk. I met a girl who had a brother my age and she introduced us, and we went to his house, played games, then went back to my house…and played games. We’ve been playing games ever since. All my happy memories before this are slightly tainted…like learning to ride a bike but I also remember falling and a kid always stealing my bike… Anyways, the way that memory affects me now is I still love playing games and I still love moonwalks, even if I’m over the weight limit. Also the whole still being friends thing.


Favorite Games:

Hmm…this one was tough. My favorite games when I was little would have to be videogames like Joe and Mac, on the SNES, Batman and Robin on the Genesis, Final Fantasy 7 on the playstation, and probably Jet Force Gemini or Super Smash Bros on the N64. Those are the games that stand out most to me, with Star Wars Monopoly standing out the most in the non-virtual realm. I can’t make a true list, as I played a lot of games and I can’t remember most the names…I’ll list as many as I can remember:
Joe and Mac, Slime World, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Soul Caliber, Sonic (2, 3, Adventure, etc), Mario (1, 2, 3, rpg, etc), Duck Hunt, Double Dragon, Ninja Turtles (a few), Battle Toads, Yoshi’s Island, Soul Reaver, Legacy of Kain, and that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. I can’t remember games I dislike as I just wouldn’t play them…GTA is the only one I can think of off the top of my head as I got bored of it within an hour of starting. Oh yah, Resident Evil series was good too. And the best of all was Katamari Damacy for just having a fun time. Mario Party was fun every so often.


Solo Play: See images up above

For solo play I remembered that I had bought some farm animal toy things for a project a year or so back, and decided I would play with those. However, I got involved in trying to build up a little area for them and ended up doing that for the entire time since it kept falling over. It was enjoyable though and reminded me of building up lego’s when I was younger, though I used to do lego’s with friends but oh well. I was able to get images of the after effects of the area I was building the junk with using all my videos and book/graphic novels things. As you can see they weren’t steady and must have fallen over 8-9 times as I was building them, causing me to have to restart. The images are all from the very end when I finally stopped after rebuilding a little after a massive tumble when my sisters cat knocked the whole thing over. It was relaxing to be constructing things again, even with the intermittent frustration of having to rebuild the different areas.


Group Play:

Since I currently do not have a camera (it broke after horn Island, the camera on my phone is black screen) except on my laptop, I wasn’t able to get pictures of my group play since it was raining while we did this, but I’ll describe it as best I can. I invited over my childhood, and best, friend and we went out swimming. It was the only thing I could think of for group play since role playing is a bit awkward these days. We ended up seeing who could do more flips underwater and who could hold their breath longer and all that fun jazz. We also got out the poolside basketball goal and started shooting, but soon grew bored and decided to spice it up by making it so you could only score using these paddles, designed for hitting a small ball back and forth at the beach but used here to hit the odd volleyball looking thing we were playing with. After a few minutes of that, we decided to make it more difficult by setting up a volleyball net across the pool and making it so you could only score from the opposite side of the net. Once we were bored of all that, we finished up by just doing some off the wall alley oops as one of us passed to the other. It was raining all day as we did this, so I couldn’t bring my laptop out to take pictures, though I don’t like taking it near the pool anyways since water and pool toys tend to fly everywhere.


I’m kind of confused about this one. I guess I’ll be focusing on construction with my research topic, as I did that in the solo play and forgot how fun it is to build something that can be undone in a second. I just wish I still had my legos, but I might be able to find some in bulk in large quantities…or figure out which of my cousins I sent all mine to…I guess I should say the topic is building something then having it wiped out. Maybe constructing video's but then having them be deconstructed, as part of the video of course. I need to flesh this part out some more once I see how the program works.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

free-writing pt 2

Comfortable place, bother with shower, bathroo, mildew building up, busted pipe, grate, raisin, reason, junk, tiles, bathroom shower, “garade”, “astoner”, opinions of work, assignment, screen, grammar nazi, reconstruction, teddy Roosevelt, came to fruition, uncomfortable position, notice what can’t be…, movies blue and orange, animations, with a friend, bit drunk, night time, incandescent bulbs, books, “badstool”, waste of money, console games, held a grudge, merits, saw, torture smut films, grown out of the world, world is just a dream, random things, shoot yourself, straight through the earth, hit the moon, center of the earth, oblong, gravity, “oftsen”, ancestor, private, head itches, coco rosie, male audience, bjork, figurative you, adventure time, futurama, tcby ice cream, Starkville, bops, freakin, jazz, camping, fallen away, nice to smell, sky at night, space between houses, catholic club, homeless people, ymca, ymck, bad manager, lifeguard, Madonna, coco rosie, flavored water, gunner, sucky job, old fashioned tank, wrinkles, “gasstation”, energy drinks, see the sea, diabetes with every sip, Giancarlo, 5 hour energy, odd stuff, comedown, have to piss, maids, manga, psychic, broader spectrum, wearing something normal, electro magnetic pulses, deadpan, loser regular people, dilate, discarded pants, worm in apple, nightmare,

free-writing pt 1

So im sitting here in my bed which is the most comfortable place for me to be tother than my bathroom whith the shower on but I cant do that right now since for some reason there s mildew buildig up on y ceiling and I think it might be a busted grate but im a little afraid to tell my dad about it since the resason may be a broken pipe since I take really long showers which are the most comfortable for me and we only recently had to replace the junk on or rather under the tiles in my bathroom shower this is also harder than I remember since ihavent sat down and freewrote since I still wanted to be a writer back in garade school unfortunately the peroson I showed all my writings too turned out to be a bit of astoner teacher and in the end I coudnt really trust his opinions of my work so it went about the same way as a lot of the other things that I evetntually lost interest in since I was abad at them though for some reason I always do well onwriting assignments also it is very hard for me to type without looking at the screen at all since I know for a fact that I am making mistakes and not using punctuation which makes me feel really odd and I really sdo wish that I could look down and see singce I am a bit of a grammar nazi with yself speaking of Nazis they say that every forum post will eventually degenerate into someone calling someone else a nazi and I also had a late class today on American government where I seem to have made an incorrect answer to a question because I rmisinterpretted the question in that I thought he asked when someothing began but he was asking when something happened so when I stated the reconstrcuction since that was when it started to happen what he meant was after teddy roosevaelt when it actually scame to fruition and finally happened in its totality im sitting in a fairly uncomfortable postion to type or the keyboard is in a place that is uncomofrotable for my hands to be while the rest of my body is comfortably laying down just thinking about what to write next such as I remember statements about colors and while I am quite partial to certain colors most colors throw me off ive also noticed that a lot of movies these days use blue and orange whichi s something I read in an article recently and now that ive noticed I cant unnoticed and it seems that all the movies are now just a tad bit more cliché also a good movie recently was scoot pilgrim vs the world which I wasn’t even excited to see in the first place but I eneded up going to withafriend because I really like the animations of the head animator for the game so I decided to give it a chance and im really glad that I did because it was just so amazing in every way that I could imagine then a again I was a bit drunk at the time but I think even without that it would have been amazing and I plan to go see it a gaiin I really need to paint my room a different colr becausewhen its nighttime and the incandescent bulbs make the wall look a little bit of a sickly greenish blue which is a bit ugly as I lay here I have several books I want to get around to reading but I justhavent been able to pick up a book lately for some reason though I used to read nonstop I wonder how log ive been writing for now I don’t think its long but Im probabl getting close to the set time I think I dunno my lamps on the badstool still need to have bulbs put in them or rather replaced in one case and the lamps next to my tv are turned at odd angles the tv might have been a waste of money but I guess not since I used it for the two years I was at state and I still do use it if infrequently since I don’t really play as many console games as I used to though maybe ill get back into it now that ive been kicked from my gaming guild of two years since I pissed off the female leader though im not sure why she held a grudge for so long when there was no reason to the last time I even talked to her was when someone in the guild was talking about the merits and depth of the saw movies and I was making fun of him for it I guess she took it the wrong way even though I wasn’t talking to her maybe she also feels that the movies were deep and moving though I don’t understand how people can get off on those torture smut films though I guess I cant say too much since I pretty much love anything that’s animated just for the simple fact that it is animated I should probably put more effort into critiquing the films I watch so that I can make better films myself but I get so caught up in just watching how peole move things and trying to figure out how to do some specific thing I see in the film that I forget to really pay attention but it seems so difficlt these days to really get involved with astory in a movie since they so rarely really speak to me anymore now that ive grown out of the world is just my dream phase that I had for years while in highschool and early years of college when I was still doing things that I wasn’t proud of or in the case of college recovering from the things I did in highschool since I quit them before college I find it oudd to type everything that comes to mind since I don’t really think often unless in conversation like when we used to go to dinner for hours at state and we would talk about random things like whether or not itw was possible to shoot yourself straight through the earth and hit the moon if there was no wind resistance and no lava at the center f the earth and I personally believe that once you hit the very center of the earth you would hit a tiny point of zero gravity but since the human body is oblong you would catch different amounts of gravity on your body and it woud cause your course to be altered if only just enough to cause you to hit a wall or miss the moon so you would have to fire yourself inside of some cylindrical object and make sure that when you hit the zero point that you hit it completely dead on so no part of the object receives more gravity than any other but I guess its pointless to even think about all that it is just fun to do so and while driving I often seem to start singing which is why I have a fear of being recorded in the car since Im afraid that someone hear swhich is also why I often feel ashamed of myself knowing that my ancestorys and friends and people whom have gone before me know what I do in private not that its any different from what I know others do but for some reason I feel like I should be above all that since im detached from it all but for some reason I have to since my head iches but anyways I forgot what I was thinking about and im listening to coco rosie who sounds very nice right now though some of her songs are clearly not intended for a male audience they still sound like good music and reminds me a lot of bjork who is one of my favorites I don’t know why im typing as if im talking directly to someone but I will assume that its like an article or a book that is speaking out and it has a figurative you even though I know the you is the person who assigned this and its odd to type even this but im laying down with my eyes closed not even looking anymore and I really wish I was watching a cartoon right now like adventure time or I know that futurama has a new episode tonight and that show has abeen a lot funnier this season than some of the episodes in the last season all those years ago but that’s fine since they wre good but the very first episode of the new season was bad but the episodes after have all been really good except fo rmaybe one or two misses and I think its been at elast 15 minutes notw so im gonna go find something to drink
Here we go again with the writing I just had some tcby ie cream which hasalwaysb een my favorite and probably still is though it might be in competitions with a place I used to go to in Starkville called bops which was frozen custard and was freakin amazing emphasis on the freakin and all that jazz but again I seem to be rambling to a person and not really rambling in my mind im just not sure what to do with it and I seem to continue no matter how I try to remove any listener or reader from the process and I think that it is getting to the point where he listener is actually in my head im listening to the sound of cars pass weachother applied to a cartoonish style background music that is from the early ninetees and It really is pretty enjoyable I used to love camping but I seem to have fallen away from it recently the trees were always so nice to smell and the sight of the sky at night was wonderful using the restroom wherever I pleased was nice though I kind of did that in the city as well when walking around the neighborhood at night I would actually go into the spaces between peoples houses and take pisses there and I used to go behind the catholic club and chill in the woods there though w would see homelss people and get a bit worried I really miss the catholic club I used to spend entire summers there but ever since the ymck opened nearby to it we steadily lost members then a very bad manager took over and managed to piss people off a lot so even more people left to go to the ymck and the catholic club steadily died until I was either eighteen or nineteen and it finally closed down though I had stopped going regularly once I turned around fourteen or fifteen and only spent one more summer there when I was a lifeguard when I was I think eighteen but not sure anymore though I did manage to save a little kid who jumped off the diving board though I figured he couldn’t swim just looking at him but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and just watched til I knew and jumped in quickly and got him out of the water before he could really get under the water ihe was probably only under water for about five seconds this song is odd theres something about a vagina giving someone a kiss but the singer is a woman oh I think she is saying Madonna and since I remember one of the songs being called Madonna I can say that with a certain level of certainty though I thought it was a bit funnier when I thought she was saying vagina I heard a girl singing another coco rosie song while walking out of calicott which I thought was funny since I had just refound cooc rosie a couple days before that after not eharing her for about a year or two I cant drink regular water too often or at least not when im eating something since water kills the taste of everything and in doing so has a bad taste itself to me but if I haven’t been eating then it just tastes like nothing and is fine though I still prefer flavored water im not sure how much to write since it was stated that we should write extensively but it is going to be fairly difficult to read through this since its all split up and junk and theresno punctuation but I think it will be interesting to see how these projects come out though I hope it turns out okay that im gnna be using the same free writing for both classes I type gonna all the time though its not a word and all I can think about is the gunner on a plane or tank which seems like a sucky job on those old fashioned tanks where the gunner had to be on a turret up top and was exposed while the other people got to chill inside and well maybe chill isn’t realy the right term wrinkles are kind of odd to think about since its hard to tell exactly how the skin is interacting withoitself and it seems a bit weird that it should rub up against itself like that and not cause to many issues other than making the person self conscious about it I cant open my eyes right now I might have had them closed a little to long so its making me tired I might need to go up to the gasstation soon and buy some energy drins I thinkt hat part might work for thepictures but will have to see the sea is a very nice place to visit though for some reason eve n though I went to florida for a weak recently I didn’t even go to the beach once though I went to harry potter land and it was really interesting and I had the butter beer stuff and felt like iw awas going to develop diabetes with every sip but it was delicious and the red ale was good too I got really drunk that day then I felt gulty cuz I left Giancarlo alone to drive while I slept in the passenger seat though I driank a hour energy when we stopped for gas and I was aak the rest of the time 5 hour energy is odd stuff it really makes me hyper and awake but it makes me twitch to no end and when I finally do comedown I have noenergy for days though that usually happens only if I drink two in one day and it also causes me to have o psiss all the itme looiking over the really bad typing and grammar that has resulted of the position im typing in and the not using punctuation or looking at the screen has made me create lots of weird words and stuff though I have noticed in the past that typing in misspelled words in google can sometimes lead to interesting results so maybe that will be the basis of my google searches with the whole misspelling thing for some reason I just thought of maids though I cant imagine why it probably has something to do with a manga im reading at the moment where maids play an integral role though I don’t like the maids all hat much andim not really in to them as a trpe in anime but someimtes you can look past the maids and see the story for the broader spectrum and really all you need to do is remove the maid outfits and imagine them wearing something normal and it all comes out alright I kind of wish I was a a phscic or at least believed in all that stuff since it would make the world a more intresting place but in the end I just cant bring myself to believe in those kinds of things since I couldn’t imaginesomeone being albe to read what its essentially electro magnetic pulses in the brain though that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in god and angels and all that jazz since seems seem to work out in the end for most people not all peopole because someone has to lose for someone else to win or everything would just be deadpan which really sucks but there has the be a loser for there to be a winner mayb epeoplpe can pick up on that but too often people start to go liberal and such just because they think the government should be the ones helping people but its not the governments job its us loser hregular people im starting to fall asleep laying here so I need to get up and move around a couple minutes and I might take a shower though that might just make me more tired but yah I am gonna take one

Im still not sure how far to go with this so I will continue now that I am at least a little refreshed ive also turned down my fan since it usually causes my eyes to go down I find myself thinking faster than I cn type and I type faster than I can write which I believe is the reason that I continue to type as if im typing to someone as opposed to just random things that come to my head ill try typing only thing that come to my head for a minute fan light music window outside is dark the lights are kind of bright at the moment shower must have dialated my eyes or something I didn’t spend long in there least not as to how I usually do tv still as big a black mass as anything seelse looks good since its evently spaced between window and bathroom closet dark as well door is open for some reason so many shirts I don’t wear at all and disarded pants I don’t weareither I might need to start dressing better since im a bit older now nah no reason people don’t care either way and forget as soon as they see cant wait til its cold eyes are closing again hmm what to write the right says that you should lock your doors and windows but the left says that you can sell your soul for a few extra bucks random think my fingers are in the wrong place nope I really like apples but thinking about a worm in there is a bit troubling do worms still scare me no I don’t think they do that nightmare was odd when I was little im still typing to slow to keep up withmy thought processesdizzying eyes stare at me from inside my head that manga had a lot of these style eyes maybe that’s why I see them but I also feel something on the back of my neck must be the pillow I remember ullimg my mouth wide and sticking my tounge at people I should start doing that again though I hate the idea of my forgot the thought since my beard iched oh well maybe I should comp;etely shave again since I haven’t done that in a long time but now I have someone who can trim me all the time so what wold thepurpose beweve gotten as far as wee needed to g olets take this baby over wait your leaving us here to die how dare you so they were frozen in carbonite they were never heard from againwe should just let them overstep theres again im getting tired I think I might need to wrp this up soon but you are very kind oki when I get tired I start to think of random things but I never remember what like the other day iw as saying something about my sisters school and ened up talking about how an organization was trying to keep her down my friend didn’t know what the hell iwas talking about and honestly I didn’t know either but for some reason it came out like that in fact I think it had something to do with her teeth so maybe I was trying to say that someone had taken off her braces but I couldn’t do it right so it came out as someone or rather some organization was attempting to destroy her teeth but I cant even remember that it was odd though however I had spent the entire night at beale street with my best friend from when I was younger but whom I hadn’t seen since 5th grade but who had happened to find my sister on facebook and said his family was coming back to Memphis for the weekend and we ended up hanging out together it was odd but fun drinking blue moon was nice I like wine more still though not in taste but it get s me drunk faster being drunk is nice since I don’t do anything else to get inebriated these days least drunk is legal still cant open my eyes wonder if that’s what death feels like just laying there unable to open eyes kind of want to have my whole life lflash before my eyes just to remember all the things ive forgotten like maybe I really wasn’t as good at sports as I thought I was if only I hadn’t been grounded from them and taken that opppurtunity to quit them I hear a scratching sound cat must be hungry my mind isn’t really making any thoughts at the moment except to think that im not thinking I feel like im talking to myself I think I am talking to myself in a way should probably keep those thoughts on the downlow but since ive had them they go on the page system whatever don’t get snotty with me don’t get trite with m e look up don’t get and see what options come bck I kind of passed out there for a sec but for some reason when the music stopped I woke up I don’t like being without sound sound makes me stop thinking maybe I should not have sound on for this but it also seems to stimulate thought I don’t know how that works but it does both the only reason being that it distracts sometimes and sometimes it removes distraction I should probably find the meteor fragment before they get it since I can use it to quell the power of the girl and can even ahchieve a perfect union who had kittens there everywehere the music finally started back up